Mobile Outdoor Activities

Mobile Outdoor ActivitiesMobile offers plenty of ways to appreciate its impressive history, unique culture and countless attractions. But perhaps one of the city's most obvious charms is due to its natural beauty. The many parks, beaches, and scenic outlooks serve as the perfect backdrops for an afternoon of outdoor family fun, a picnic, a leisurely walk or a fishing adventure. Without a doubt, Mobile offers a little something special to please every nature lover.

Langan Park
Langan Park is one of Mobile's most popular outdoor attractions for several reasons. The park's central location makes getting to and from the area relatively hassle-free. And, when you do arrive for your day in the sun, the park's many amenities like a golf course, tennis courts, children's playground and various picnic areas offer you the choice of several activities for you to enjoy with friends and family.

Address: Zigler Blvd, Mobile, AL - MAP

Polecat Bay
If your plans include heading outdoors for a great day of fishing on the water, you owe it to yourself to experience the natural beauty of Polecat Bay. This breathtaking body of water is located near Mobile and connects to the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way, there are many places to prepare, fuel and launch your boat out into the waters for your aquatic adventure.

Address: Mobile, AL - MAP

Aligator Alley
Sometimes, nature hands us the unexpected. See a great example of that when you visit Alligator Alley. This guided adventure allows you to get a more detailed glimpse of alligators as they relax, play, sunbathe and eat. The eating part is even more exciting if you plan your visit around feeding time as you can observe the facility workers actually walking right up to the gators to feed them their lunch. Also, there is a special elevated walkway that makes it possible for you to safely peer down at the gators from a most unique perspective as they lounge in their natural habitat.

Address: 19950 Hwy 71, Summerdale, AL - MAP
Phone: (251) 946-2483

Chacaloochee Bay
When you consider the pressures of the various commitments you have, sometimes you might feel like casting them all off into the ocean. Maybe all you need is just a trip to the ocean to give you a fresh perspective. A great place to do just that is Chacaloochee Bay. The inviting white sands and clear water make this beach one of the most popular along the Alabama Gulf Coast. In addition to excellent amenities, this beach also provides a great place for outdoor family gatherings or the perfect spot for you and someone special to share a beach blanket as you sit and take it all in.

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