Mobile Museums & History

Mobile Museums & HistoryAs the oldest city in Alabama, Mobile most definitely has an incredible number of stories to tell. Aside from its rich history, the city also has a wide and varied cultural makeup that has added a deeper, more colorful dimension to the area. These influences, both great and small, are all intertwined in Mobile's incredible history, and it is all preserved in the many museums and historical sites that offer the chance for future generations to hear about the people and events that have shaped Mobile into the city that it is today.

American Sport Art Museum and Archives
Whether you're a die-hard sports fan or just a casual admirer, you will most definitely not want to miss a chance to visit the American Sport Art Museum and Archives in Mobile. This incredible facility is located across the bay in Daphne and offers a visually dazzling array of images and exhibits. See the impressive variety of sports-related literature and original artwork renderings of such iconic figures as Larry Bird, Walter Payton and Sammy Sosa. And, you won't want to end your visit without checking out the gift shop that features several amazing pieces of original artwork for sale.

Address: 1 Academy Drive, United States Sports Academy, Daphne, AL 36526 - MAP
Phone: (251) 626-3303

Fort Conde Museum & Welcome Center
Mobile is teeming with an amazing history, but if you are visiting and don't know exactly where to start, then the Fort Conde Museum and Welcome Center is your best bet. Fort Conde is a replica of an early 18th-century French fort that features several tour guides, all dressed in historic costumes who will answer all of your questions and point you in the direction of the city's many not-to-miss historic sites. Don't forget to check out the selection of period weapons, cannons and muskets that are all on display here. Many of these items were discovered during the construction of this venue back in the1970s and are all proudly on display.

Address: 150 South Royal Street at Church Street, Mobile, AL 36602 - MAP
Phone: (251) 208-7569

Mobile Museum of Art
The Mobile Museum of Art celebrates the vastly diverse cultures and influences that have all made their indelible mark on the area over the years. This highly-regarded museum houses various permanent exhibits of local, regional and historical significance as well as various media that include paintings, sculpture and decorative arts of American, Asian and European origins. In addition to the already-impressive collections, the museum features various traveling exhibits from such notable venues as the Higgins Armory Museum and the Smithsonian.

Address: 4850 Museum Drive, Langan Park, Mobile, AL 36602 - MAP
Phone: (251) 2008-5200

National African-American Archives & Museum
Among the many cultural influences that have shaped Mobile's history, the African-American contribution is highly significant. That fact is rightfully celebrated at the National African-American Archives and Museum. This venue is designed to enrich visitors' understanding of the African-American experience through the use of many exhibits that feature such notable artifacts as the “Clotilde,” one of the last known slave ships, items that tell the story of home run king Hank Aaron as well as items that tell the stories of other famous figures.

Address: 564 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave, Mobile, AL 36603 - MAP
Phone: (251) 433-4265
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Oakleigh Historic Complex
Mobile's history is alive and well at the Oakleigh Historic Complex. Travel back in time as you tour the majestic antebellum mansion that dates back to 1833. You will be truly impressed with the breathtaking Greek Revival-style architecture that features large white pillars and an unmistakeable 19th century timeless quality. When you tour the mansion, you'll be immediately struck by your tour guides as they are dressed in the finery of the day that add an air of authenticity to your visit. The rooms are adorned to look much as they did before the Civil War, and they feature American and European antiques as well as items that actually belonged to the people who once dwelled in this incredible structure.

Address: 350 Oakleigh Pl, Mobile, AL 36604 - MAP
Phone: (251) 432-1281