Arts, Music & Entertainment in Mobile

Arts, Music & Entertainment in MobileThere's no question that Mobile features several notable historical places that all tell the city's story from various unique perspectives. Still another dimension of the area's identity is the artistic expression of the talented performers who all have something special to contribute. So whether you are up for checking out the latest dramatic stage production, an unforgettable symphonic performance or just a great little rock band, you'll find these and much more among the many choices that make up Mobile's arts, music and entertainment scene.

Saenger Theatre
Whether it's a big name music act, a touring Broadway production or a local theater presentation, they are all events that find a home on the stage at Mobile's Saenger Theatre. This entertainment venue makes the best use of its classic layout and design to ensure that there isn't a bad seat in the house. The building's amazing acoustics are accentuated by the excellent sound system which in turn is enhanced by the dazzling display of lights that make every performance come alive.

Address: 6 South Joachim Street, Mobile, AL 36602 - MAP
Phone: (251) 208-5600

Mobile Museum of Art
Art aficionados will most definitely not want to miss the opportunity to take in the incredible works and exhibits that are on display at the Mobile Museum of Art. The art that is presented here spans several historical periods, the most notable of which are the ones culled from the 18th century. Also, the rotating exhibits are always highly compelling as they not only offer various artists the chance to have their work seen in a highly-regarded spotlight, but they also help broaden the museum's already far-reaching artistic scope.

Address: 401 Civic Center Drive, Mobile, AL 36602 - MAP
Phone: (251) 208-5200

Mobile Ballet
Mobile Ballet is the Gulf Coast's premiere ballet company and school. This group of highly talented performers works hard all year long to bring you an impressive schedule of events. Among some of the ballet's most recent performances include Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, and Carnival of the Dance. Also, the Mobile Ballet School offers classes for aspiring dancers who range in age from 3-years-old to adults. When you are in the audience for one of the ballet's many performances, you will be immediately struck by not only the brilliant dancing but also the detailed sets and meticulous costumes.

Address: 4351 Downtowner Loop North, Mobile, AL 36609 - MAP
Phone: (251) 342-2241

Mobile Symphony
The lush sweeping sounds of violins and cellos will draw you in to each and every aspect of the many dramatic and sweeping performances of the Mobile Symphony. Not only does the group present various classics from the world's most loved composers, but they also stretch out to present special engagements and entertainment. For example, a recent show was a presentation of the Music of Pink Floyd. The symphony also raises funds for the continuance of music education and offers special events and camps for aspiring musicians.

Address: PO Box 3127, Mobile, AL 36652
Phone: (251) 432-2010

Blues Tavern
Sometimes, getting a case of the blues can actually be a good thing. And nowhere is that feeling more appropriate than at the Blues Tavern. This one-of-a-kind entertainment venue has been often imitated but never duplicated, as any of the patrons of this blues club will tell you. The blues are very much alive at this no-frills venue, as it features a regular and highly impressive schedule of local and regional performers who all share their unmistakable love of the blues.

Address: 2818 Government Blvd, Mobile, AL 36606 - MAP
Phone: (251) 479-7621